Staying in group setups needs one to be extra careful on how they carry out their daily activities. Showing polite behaviour while camping is critical. This enables one to stay in harmony with each camper. In camps, people may, at times, share facilities, and you should be keen on how you carry yourself. Some of the general things which you must observe include the following.


While camping, one should observe the utmost cleanliness. From the tents where you live to the compound around the camping site, you should observe hygiene. When you ensure there is cleanliness, you will get along with the people you are camping with. You observe not only the cleanliness of the area but also personal hygiene. Body cleanliness will help you blend comfortably with others.

Be Friendly

Daily activities may, to some extent, depend on others to be successful and hence, you need to make friends with people while camping. Camping will definitely make you interact with new people. Being a social person will help you know the people you are camping with. Once you know them, you are going to get along well.


Those who go camping definitely know that everyone there has their own schedule for carrying out their daily activities. This tells you that you should be considerate of others while talking with your friends. Don’t wake up at odd hours and start making noise which might distract people from sleeping. This will enable you to live in harmony with others.

Observe Privacy

When going camping, you will not want anyone to intrude into your private things. For this reason, you should not go looking inside other people’s bags or entering their caravans and tents. Assuming someone’s privacy may lead to a misunderstanding and thus ruin your stay at the campsite.