Gippsland is the full package when it comes to adventurous holidays. It is the largest, most beautiful inland system of various natural features in Victoria, Australia. These features offer some of the most exciting experiences on Earth. Gippsland is the ideal place for adventurous travellers.

Any experienced camper or tourist will tell you that an enjoyable camping experience is defined by proper planning. One major factor in planning a camping trip is identifying a convenient campervan company. Having a good transport system gives one a sense of security and enables visitors to settle in comfortably. There exist dozens of campervan and caravan companies in the Victoria region alone. Definitely, some are better than others.

There are a number of factors considered in determining the best caravan for hire companies. These companies offer similar services, but they all try to bring out a unique service to try and stand out from the rest. This standout service is what determines which company is better than the other. It could be in the form of, fees, security, and time management, among other factors. Some companies offer either campervans or caravans while others offer both. Some companies offer the self-drive option while others have their own drivers and some offer both options. Here are the best companies to consider for your trip.


Jayco StarCraft Company offers a towing car with 5 internal berths. The vehicle is 17ft in length and was manufactured in 2013. The tow ball weighs 170kg with a tare weight of 1356kg and a gross weight of 1486kg. The types of vehicles recommended for towing it are a commercial truck, large 4*4, Large Sedan and SUV 4*4. The vehicle is located in Athlone and is available for pick up. It can be delivered to users within a 200km radius. The downside of this truck is it can only be used in designated tracks. It has several amenities including, a TV, a freezer, a microwave to mention just a few. A fire extinguisher, blanket, and a smoke detector are also provided. All these at a price of 85 dollars per night.

High Country

The High Country Family Off-Road Camper is a caravan company located in Traralgon South Victoria. They have a 6-berth camper trailer fitted with a hard floor. With a tow ball weight of 140kg, a tare weight of 1880kg, a gross weight of 2500 and a length of 20ft, the caravan also has extra storage space. It is available for pick-up and only relocatable to a distance of 150km from the pick-up location. It also provided for with amazing amenities but only has the fire extinguisher for safety purposes. It is available at only 80 dollars per night with a minimum stay of 2 nights.

Vintage Olympic

The Vintage Olympic have a 2 berth caravan which is available for pick-up at Aberveldy, Victoria. It is available at a fee of a 150 dollars per night with a service fee of 20 dollars. The caravan can only be booked by users of at least 25 years old. It cannot be used for off-road purposes.